Our team consists of lawyers, political experts and journalists/investigators. We are highly educated individuals with a wealth of knowledge, trained to find and follow the truth. We want to spread the truth to the global network.

The truth doesn’t always make us feel comfortable, however, it gives us the strength to move forward. The opportunities and chances must be sought and fought for.

Under the democratic system, every individual has the right to choose who their leader will be and they must have access to a wide berth of information on the candidates. Change is inevitable, but with the right management we must extract the benefits and highlight them. We will strive to put forward many different notions and perspectives in order for the people to be informed of their choices. May the strongest, fairest and bravest win.

In regards to the mentioned motto, we have created our website in the hope that we can relay this information in a timely and accurate manner without taking any political sides. The purpose of this website is to simply convey the facts so that our readers are able to form their own opinions.